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Model number: 941194
Product name: A3 LED Light Pad
Condition: New                                          
Material: Acrylic
Width : 40 cm
Depth : 33.5 cm
Height : 0.5 cm
Package Size: 43x37x3.5cm
Cable Length :200 cm
Lumen: 1800 ~ 2100 mcd
Led color temperature: 10000~13000
OFF/ON: Touch Dimmer
Light Mode: 3 (low / middle / high)
Quantity: 1pc
Produces Bright and Even White Light !
1. Thin & portable design. Ultra-thin and light weights which makes it portable
2. Flicker-Free & no radiation, good for yours eyes especially long-hour working
3. Super bright & eco-friendly LED ensure extreme low calorific value and long life span 
4. Working surface is made of acrylic glass providing a long service life and optimal lighting
5. Touch sensor switch design, dimmable, turn on/ off and brightness control easily just by slight touch
6. The LED light source is smooth and provides uniform white light distribution across the entire work surface
7. Professional copy in animation, cartoon, tattoo tracing, craft projects, fabric design, photograph and film, etc
Professional copy in Animation, Cartoon, Tattoo tracing, craft projects, fabric design, photograph, film slider transferring;professional tracing in indoor, architecture, design and drawing.
Users Manual:
1.Remove the protective film from the front before use.
2.Our product interface is very strong, please pay attention to the USB cable connector (MIC head) during using it. Twisting USB cable is forbidden, otherwise will cause damage to it, leading to light flash on the board, poor touching sensor and no light of the product, if it happens, please change a new Android USB cable.
3.If the light is flicking after powered on, it is normal situation may caused by the input doesn’t match the product. You can solve the problem by replacing the charger, charging treasure or computer interface.
Package Includes:
1 x A3 LED Copy Board
1 x USB cable

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