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Type: Wireless Set
Voltage: 1.5V
Keyboard interface: 2.4G
Working method: photoelectric
Photoelectric resolution: 1200dpi
Connection with computer: keyboard wireless, mouse wireless
Product weight: 0.4 (KG)
Working current: 30ma
Applicable objects: home, games, notebooks, office
Keyboard specifications:
Button type: chocolate button
Power supply: alkaline battery
Size: 28.5*12*2cm
Mouse specifications:
Working method: infrared
Button: left button, right button, pulley, middle button DPI
DPI: 800/1200/1600
Size: 11.5*6*1.9cm
Switch: bottom of the mouse


1. Suspended button design, check matte mat, current indicator light.
2. Ultra-thin and durable, fit fingers, long-term use, comfortable and anti-fatigue.
3. Waterproof performance, liquid can flow freely from the keyboard, without damaging the equipment.
4. Multi-level sleep, the mouse enters the first-level sleep in the next one in the case of no operation, and enters the deep sleep in 30 minutes.
5. The button has a long life and uses high-quality silicone buttons, high elasticity, quiet and comfortable.
6.2.4G wireless freedom, providing wireless connectivity within a range of up to 10 meters.
Package Includes:
1* keyboard
1* mouse
Product type: Keyboard Mouse Combos

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