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2.4G wireless connection up to 10 meters
Voice control key, support for Google assistant
Built-in 6-Axis gyroscope, control the mouse to move as you want
Light weight, plug and play, easy to use
Support IR learning, one remote for multi devices
Compatible with H96, Mecool, Tanix, X96, Beelink, HK1, X88, A95X TV Boxes that support voice control
Support OS: for Android, for Windows, for Linux, for Mac

How to Use:
Remove battery slot and install 2xAAA batteries. Then plug the USB dongle into the USB port of your device, remote will be connected with the device automatically. Test by pressing the navigation keys(up, down, left, right) and see if it’s working. If not, check clause 1 in FAQ.
Cursor lock:
Press Cursor button to lock or unlock cursor.
While cursor unlocked, OK is left click function, Return is right click function. While cursor locked, OK is ENTER function, Return is RETURN function.
Not all the devices could use Microphone. It will require the APP support voice input, like Google app.
Press Google Voice button and hold to turn on Microphone, release to turn off Microphone.
IR Learning:
Press POWER button on the air mouse, and hold unit red LED indicator flash fast, then release the button. Red indicator will stay on for 1 second, then flash slowly. Means air mouse entered into IR learning mode.
Point the IR remote to the air mouse, and press power(or any other buttons) on the IR remote. The red indicator on the air mouse will flash fast for 3 seconds, then flash slowly. Means learning succeed.
Only Power button could learn the code from other remotes
The IR remote need to support NEC protocol
After learning succeed, POWER button only send IR code
LED Indicator shows different color in different status:
Disconnected: Red LED indicator flash slowly
Paring: Red LED indicator flash fast while pairing, and stopped flashing after paired
Working: Blue LED indicator turns on while pressing any button
Low power: Red LED indicator flash fast
Charging: Red LED indicator stays on while charging, and turns off after charging finished
Standby mode:
The remote will enter into standby mode after no operation for 15 seconds. Press any button to activate it
Factory reset:
Press OK+Return to reset the remote to factory setting
Transmission and Control: 2.4G RF wireless radio-frequency technology
Supported OS: for Android, for Windows, for Linux, for Mac
Key numbers: 17keys
Remote control distance: ≤10m
Battery type: AAA x 2(not included)
Power consumption: About 10mA in the work condition
Microphone power consumption: About 20mA
Size: 157 x 42 x 16mm
Weight: 50g

Package Included:

1 x T1-Max-1 Voice Controller
1 x USB Receiver

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