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  • Recharging Current: 300Am

  • Working Current:<22mA

  • Sleep Current: 86uA

  • key number: 69 keys

  • Charging Voltage: 4.4V~5.25V

  • Working Voltage: 3.7V

  • Transmission Range: 10M

  • Color: Black

  • Battery Capacity: 450mA

  • Transmit Power: <+4dB

  • Feature:
    - 2.4G wireless keyboard.
    - Six-axis inertial sensing technology to support somatosensory games.
    - Infrared remote control + partial key infrared learning.
    - Cursor one-button lock.
    - Support Android, Windows, Lilux and other operating systems.
    - Control distance 15M.
    - 1:1 somatosensory manipulation and motion recognition, extraordinary user experience.
    - Plug and play, free drive installation, customized for Android system optimization, fully realize intelligent human-computer interaction application, enhance user experience.
    - Accurately sense gestures, adapt to support a variety of fast application function control and somatosensory games; support all 2D mouse control, and support mouse-based gestures for quick control (requires APK application support).
    - Convenient and intuitive, simple and completely free to use the attitude of the intuitive control, users can quickly be used, the elderly and children are all accessible.
    - Infrared learning: Take the "Power" button of the TV remote control as an example.
    - East first press the TV button to switch the flying mouse to the infrared mode. At this time, the LED light goes out.
    - Press and hold the TV button. The LED light flashes from the flash to the slow flash. The flying mouse enters the learning mode remotely.
    - After the squirrel and the infrared transmitter of the TV remote control are aligned, press the “Power” button on the TV remote control. When the squirrel receives the code value from the TV remote control, the LED light will be on.
    - Press the button on the flying mouse for learning. When the flying mouse receives the code value of the learning, the LED light returns to slow flashing, which is successful.
    - After learning successfully, press the "TV" button to exit the learning mode. After exiting, the red light does not flash and is off.

  • Note:
    - Battery level: Make sure the battery is fully charged. When the battery is low, the cursor stability will be affected.
    - Use distance: The actual use distance of this product will be affected by the electromagnetic field. Please make sure that the receiving end is not blocked by metal objects.
    - Code function: The code has been checked before leaving the factory. This function is only for dealers.
    - Cursor calibration: Please replace the battery first, if the mouse cursor still appears drifting, use this function.

Package include
  • 1 x MX3 air mouse

  • 1 x USB Wireless Receiver

  • 1 x User Manual

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